PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi

The Lost Code (Corrupted Data), 2017 “Space Invaders”

Exhibition @ SKUR14

Paola Torres

The Lost Code (Corrupted Data), explores the notion of loss in reference to the socialecomonic processes viably visible in the immediate landscape of Perú. The works, two hand made textiles woven in the traditional Andean technique of brocade, the threads disjointed and unthreaded – visually distrurbed and destructured. The weaves delicately point at community bonds, progressively cut and replaced. Torres Núñez Del Prado positions the process of gentrification as a softer form of colonialization, one that robs a community of its riches, and vibrancy. The textile lie dormant – until touched, and interactive, their conductive thread turning them into an instrument.