PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi

Tranzion II – Cure Yourself

Exhibition @ SKUR14

APO33 Collective

sound art and cinema of machines

Listening, relaxation, live mixed movies by machines

In a sinusoidal form, Tranzion II draws forms of listening both specific to background music and mobile sounds. Paradoxical entities made of calm and tension, these are built to discover a form of presence taking shape in an automated music. Delays and other undefined elements operate continuously taking us towards the void. Tranzion made its first attempt a few years ago, using oscillators, samplers and delays to build a synthetic automaton (without any acoustic source) that tried to create certain modes of listening across the space of the listener.

Since I am the first listener, I can experience and adapt what comes out of it in relation to my inner self and my listening relationships and therefore to yours.

“Knowledge is acquired through experience, everything else is just information.”Albert Einstein

The frequencies used in Cure “Yourself” act on the cells of the body. The body reacts to sounds and enters symbiosis at the molecular level with the atomic composition of a cell. In this sound installation we use frequencies that regenerate your DNA at the molecular level. The audience is asked to sit and relax to feel the effects of the repair. A machine generates live music compositions that consist of 8 frequency oscillators evolving randomly around frequencies that repair our DNA.