PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi

Code Resonances in the South

21:00 @ Bergen Kjøtt

Juan Andres Jaramillo, Juan Andres Jaramillo

Code Resonances in the South is an audiovisual performance that generates a dialogue among diverse musical open source software with the aim of creating another kind of sonic narratives in computer music. As a bet on creation and creativity through precariousness, or whatever you can find around you, we think of open source software as one of the most accessible and ecological channels for sound creation. Recycling laptops to give them new lives with Linux Operative Systems… and turn them into our musical instruments.


Juan Andres Jaramillo

Platohedro Medellín-Colombia

Juan Andres Jaramillo Silva (Noisk8) is an electronic tinkerer from Medellín, with a passion for the sound spectrum and self-educative practices based in post-digital disciplines like failure, glitch, DIY, and googling, among others. He is dedicated to sound experimentation through the creation of sound devices and the exploration of sound with laptops with Live coding y DIN Is Noise among others.

Through sound exploration, he has participated in diverse alternative learning spaces on the subject. After many years of gaining knowledge on analoge and digital electronics, he has been participating of and creating projects of sound experimentation like La Jaquer Noise, Noisk8, 4H N00001S3, Sudaka Code and also has taken part in radio experimentations and the creation of alternative spaces for sound with other projects like El Suiche, Radiolibre y Radio volketa interestelar in his country Colombia as well as other countries of Latin America.

Having the reciprocity of the university of free and shared culture in mind, he currently makes use of this medium as a documentation space of different projects and processes, like his participation of noise events, the creation of electronic circuits and the tinkering with the DIN Is Noise software.