PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi


Wayne Kent Madsen

Perlin noise is a form of randomly generated values in a computer that look more organic than traditional random seed values. Referred to a ‘procedurally generated’, the random values build on previously assigned computations. This approach has been used in computer graphics to do things like automatically creating natural looking landscapes in video games. This html5 canvas project unfolds based on a number of external variables, including screen resolution, to create a unique time-based visual each time the piece is visited. I see myself as curator of the art generated by computer algorithms. The computer art I create uses generative algorithms and small, random variations to develop unique views each time the work is visited; I have written the system, but it is the computing device which applies its own ‘creativity’ into the creation of what is seen. It is amazing to me that altering just a few key variables can have drastic affects visually, just as people are connected but infinitely varied. There is beauty in these small differences, these small moments, these defining characteristics.

The project can be viewed at:


Wayne Kent Madsen
Indiana University, Kokomo

Wayne Madsen is a new media artist and educator specializing in algorithmic practices and human computer interactions. He earned his MFA at the CADRE New Media laboratory, where he participated in exhibiting at and organizing the Zero1 International Art Festival. Wayne has taught digital art at Bowling Green State University and Dakota State University focusing in virtual environments and physical computing. He currently teaches new media and web design at Indiana University, Kokomo and resides in Indiana, USA.