PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi


21:00 @ Bergen Kjøtt

Marco Valdivia

Audiovisual Live performance based on peruvian sound and visual landscapes executed in real time.


Marco Valdivia
Experimental music, sound art, listen, technological appropiation at asimtria.org

Believe in technology and ownership as tool for developing people, individually and especially common and collective. Has been part of ideas and actions in a lot of places in Latin America.

Research, develop and propose sound art, multimedia and audiovisual, focused on issues of knowledge, information and technology access as possibilities for cultural development of free societies.

Since 1990 studied early musical training at the Conservatorio Luis Dunker Lavalle of Arequipa, and since is self-taught in traditional music, contemporary music, experimental music and sound expression through technologies.

Social Communicator for Universidad Nacional San Agustin of Arequipa. Trainer about electronics for art and free culture since 2012. Audiovisual producer, has participated in several documentary projects.

Since 2006 developed asimtria.org, platform for arts and technologies like way for growing and expression in Perú, and a lot of proyects like Ruidoparaniñxs, As4cords Netlabel, Noise Meeting, Noise, Sound art and experimental and electronic music Latin American Video File, etc. Is member of another organizations and networks Latin America.