PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi


21:00 @ Bergen Kjøtt

Agnes P.

SMFs (Standard Midi Files, 1996) are files that contain associated MIDI information. It is one of the files used for karaoke tracks. These files are created through musical notation processor and contain an associated score. A MIDI does not capture or process “real” sounds, which gives it a specific sound and turns it into music devoid of feelings, any human and animal roots. It is a species of musical bug, an empty body.

The sound of the MIDI file will vary depending on the machine that we use to play it, since the SMF only contain instructions. Thousands of web pages host these files – in the manner of sonic undo – and reproduce any genre – making it an explicit motor of the non-genre.



Agnès Pe
https://aggnespe.hotglue.me/Agnès Pe

Agnès pe works on sound beyond the limits enshrined by any genre through free midi files.
Her work is characterised by a fun and overwhelming attitude -all or nothing style-, covering the parameters of lo-fi music, and always seeking new ways of relating to the elements she re-composes.
She is interested in the non-common, regardless of their label.