PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi

Points of inflection

Alexander Senko

The sound and visuals are interdependent. The algorithmic composition produces a lissajous figure with different frequency ratios and a phase modulation. The curve generates pitch, harmonics and volume of sound. The inflection points on the curve create rhythmic structures.
The work was created with visual programming language Pure Data.




Alexander Senko
Acoustic Images

Alexander Senko was born in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from Gnesins Institute as a
sound engineer. Composer, sound producer, Alexander runs an artist-run laboratory “Acoustic
Images” (research and production of interactive installations) and actively exhibits and
performs. Alexander’s interests include visual programming language Pure Data, electronic
and electroacoustic music, sound art, audio-visual interaction.

– Joan Silver Pin / “Chiaroscuro” (2006) CD
– “Object and Line to Space” (2014) Audiovisual album