PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi

Praxis LIVE – hybrid visual IDE for live creative coding

14:00 @ Piksel Studio 207

Neil C Smith

Praxis LIVE is an innovative and powerful new way to work with OpenJDK and tools like Processing. Combining intuitive live visual patching with the ability to recode any node as it is running, use it to easily create projections, interactive spaces, custom AV instruments, creative IoT, or live-coding performances. The workshop will introduce basic project building and patching with Praxis LIVE. Participants may then continue to experiment with visual patching, or learn how to “drop down” to the built-in code editor and live recode components using Processing / Java or OpenGL. They may also explore Praxis LIVE’s support for physical computing, including prebuilt integration with TinkerForge open hardware, or GPIO on the Raspberry Pi.

Praxis LIVE is fully cross-platform and open-source – participants will need a laptop, ideally with the software preinstalled.

The workshop will be led by Praxis LIVE’s lead developer, Neil C Smith. Recent talks and workshops on Praxis LIVE have included

Libre Graphics Meeting, London, March 2016
Perte de Signal, Montreal, June 2016
OVADA, Oxford, June 2016
International Conference on Live Coding, Hamilton, October 2016
Electric Nights, Athens, March 2017
Live Performers Meeting, Amsterdam, May 2017
www.praxislive.org | www.neilcsmith.net


Neil C Smith

Neil C Smith‘s work explores ways of opening up and challenging the nature of creativity itself, in particular through the use of open-source technologies. Working sonically and visually, solo and in collaboration, he creates live improvised performances, and context-specific generative and interactive installations. His work exists in real-time and real-space – each moment unique and unrepeatable.

Based in Oxford, he has shown work and performed across the UK and in Europe/Canada. He is also lead developer of Praxis LIVE, an open-source hybrid visual environment for live creative coding, as well as the Java bindings for JACK and GStreamer.