PIKSEL17 festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi

From E-waste to Sound Device

11:00 @ Piksel Studio 207

Toni Quiroga

During this workshop you will learn how to turn parts of e-waste and trash into functional primitive sound devices. Through the vivisection of dead media devices you will learn how to extract valuable components (like motors, VU meters, integrated circuits, transistors and other raw materials) and reuse them in order to build a primitive and idiosyncratic instrument. We will build fully recycled electronic gadgets powered through alternative and ecologically sustainable methods integrating our own body residuals into the process (if you want to). The idea is to get a better understanding of new media through the excavation of the old and obsolete by highlighting the nonlinear history within those devices.

You will learn:
– Genealogy of specific electronic components and media
– Media history as a nonlinear history
– Soldering
– Some principles of electronic engineering
– Reading schematics
– Troubleshooting techniques
– Building a primitive, organic and sustainable battery incorporating our own body residues
– Repurposing waste materials to create a primitive and idiosyncratic noise machine.

After the workshop you will have fully working recycled and idiosyncratic sound device built entirely by yourself and from the scratch!


Toni Quiroga
Born 1988, lives, studies and works in London.

Toni Quiroga works with sound, music, electronics, obsolete and organic matter. Currently he is studying MA Digital Culture at Goldsmiths University in London.

His research is primarily based on the history and materiality of media. Through the recreation or hacking of obsolete and new media he tries to highlight political, economic, geopolitical and social relations inherent to technology.